EHB launches its website to share the latest infrastructure maps

Today we announced the launch of a dedicated website of the European Hydrogen Backbone initiative. The website provides a resource of all previous publications of the initiative, as well as an up-to-date and interactive version of the latest vision maps that were published earlier this month (link).

In tandem, the EHB will present a new appendix to the April 5th report, covering narratives that describe the state of play around hydrogen in each of the 28 member countries.

On the website you will be able to:

  • See the (interactive) EHB vision
  • Read up on the different country narratives
  • Contact the initiative for further inquiries
  • Find all our latest news items and reports

An open initiative

The EHB aims to accelerate Europe’s decarbonisation journey by defining the critical role of hydrogen infrastructure – based on existing and new pipelines – in enabling the development of a competitive, liquid, pan-European renewable and low-carbon hydrogen market. By 2040 this could include a majority 60% repurposed pipelines and 40% new. The initiative seeks to foster market competition, security of supply, and cross-border collaboration between European countries and their neighbours.

The EHB initiative is looking forward to continuing to discuss its vision with stakeholders including policy makers, companies, and initiatives along the hydrogen value chain.