EHB Day - 7th of June in Brussels

Diederik Samsom remotely joining the discussion

Daniel Muthmann (Chair of EHB) and Diederik Samsom (Head of EVP Cabinet) during the online Q&A

On June 7th 2022, the inaugural European Hydrogen Backbone Day (EHB Day) has been held in Brussels. In line with EHB’s mission, this private event aimed to define the critical role of hydrogen infrastructure underlying our vision of a fully integrated pan-European hydrogen economy and carbon-neutral future. 

About the event:

During the event, over 200 leading European hydrogen producers, consumers, transporters and government officials have gathered to discuss cutting edge content. They congregated to share ideas, build new working relationships, and create opportunities for the future hydrogen economy. This included, but was not limited to:

  • How hydrogen can build bridges and bring down barriers across divides
  • Taking hydrogen from implementation to developed project
  • How hydrogen can support ambitions of the New Green Deal
  • Recent key EHB findings and progress, including a deep dive into maps and corridors.

The day started with a keynote speech by Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission on European decarbonisation, REPower EU ambition and the role of future Hydrogen infrastructure. After this, the European Hydrogen Backbone Film premiered. 

During the morning program, the key results of EHB findings in 2022 were presented and the five supply corridors were presented by CEOs from TSOs from the respective countries. All reports that were discussed can be found here

We were fortunate to have a live Q&A between Diederik Samsom, Head of EVP Cabinet, and Daniel Muthmann, Chairman of the European Hydrogen Backbone.

Two interactive workshops were held on the day. Firstly, the participants were asked to identify the most promising solutions to accelerate the development of hydrogen infrastructure. After the most promising categories were determined, the second workshop was dedicated to creating innovative solutions to accelerate the development of hydrogen infrastructure

Parallel to these sessions, all highest-ranking officials from the EHB initiative members met with EC officials present and deliver a "CEO pledge" to establish hydrogen supply corridors by 2030 as enabler for hydrogen market creation. This pledge can be found here.

Group photo

Picture of EHB CEOs and EC officials during EHB day.

In the afternoon, a panel discussion has been held with participants from Neste, HyDeal, Storengy and the Ukrainian TSO to discuss the roles of demand, supply and infrastructure in fast-tracking the development of hydrogen corridors by 2030.

The day was closed off by looking back at the key findings and takeaways of the interactive workshops and final remarks. More materials, such as videos from the day will follow on this page shortly. 

About the European Hydrogen Backbone

The European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative consists of a group of thirty-one energy infrastructure operators, united through a shared vision of a climate-neutral Europe enabled by a thriving renewable and low-carbon hydrogen market.